Artisan Gelato

As you step into the Artisan Gelato shop situated at the bottom of York Street the first things you notice are the frozen displays packed with a dizzying array of flavour combinations; rainbows of iced gelato of every description, colour and taste. The second things you notice are the warm smiles of welcome from owner Galina and her partner John as they welcome you in to taste their gorgeous gelato’s. 

Since moving to Albany over ten years ago Galina realised that there was a market for a Gelato shop and so they set about building the business.  Firstly they researched and sourced a master gelato maker from Italy to initially train them in the art and practices of making the Gelato for which they are now known.  This training continued over the next few months, with the couple attending workshops and visiting suppliers in Melbourne to source the best quality products available with which to make their bespoke Gelato.  All of their gelato and sorbets are made freshly on the premises with local and Italian ingredients and contain more fibre and less sugar than commercially bought ice-creams.  The gelato goes through a traditional 12 stage process prior to being ready for sale to ensure consistent quality,flavour and textures are achieved.

“Our motto is ‘To make the best you have to buy the best’”says Galina, “We value our customers and are very grateful for the local community support as well as visitors from all around the world,”

Trip Advisor and Facebook reviews attest to their popularity and the quality and variety of options are often commented upon most favourably.

With 36 flavour combinations available there is something to suit every palate and Galina loves to experiment with new flavours along with tried and tested favourites.

“We tried a mustard flavoured gelato once,” she smiles, “But that didn’t go down so well!  Our bestseller is the Ferrero Rocher, on busy days we can sell out quite quickly, even though I always make extra!”

This months new addition is Black Hawaii. Galina gestures toa tub containing jet black swirls of glistening gelato inside the chilled display unit.  I had never tried black gelato before and was initially a little unsure, but as soon as the gelato slid onto my tongue it’s flavour, somehow simultaneously decadent and tropical at the same time, immediately won me over and may have just become my new, favourite summer flavour. 

Summer is traditionally their busiest period but they are open all year round Wednesday through to Saturday until 8pm and Sundays from noon until 4.30pm.  It’s easy to see why this business has gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years and they are sure to be popular with locals and tourists alike for many years to come.

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