Welcome to my fiction section 😊 Here is where you will find all of my manuscripts, short stories, articles, features, poetry and works in progress. I am adding to this section regularly so it’s always worth popping back to have a look if you haven’t been here for a while. I am always open to constructive criticism (and praise is nice too!).

I also want to give other unpublished/new authors the chance to have their work published here too. If your work is chosen to be published on this page it will also be featured on my social media pages, helping to promote your work and get your name noticed! I want to give every writer the opportunity to see their words in print and to help you promote your talent. This can be in the form of short stories, excerpts of WIP (Work in Progress), poetry or articles.

To send in fictional work to be considered for publication on this site please email to and mark the subject: Fiction submission.

I am also happy to act as a Beta Reader for anyone wanting to send me their work just for my personal feedback and not for publication on the website. To send in fictional work for feedback only please email to and mark the subject: Fiction Beta Reader.