Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

I don’t know about you but this week feels like it has dragged on forever, I am sooo happy it is finally Friday!  I’ve been racing to get my articles submitted to Aurora Magazine before the deadline for the bumper Christmas edition (Check out my latest non-fiction stories) and it’s also been the last week of #NaNoWriMo! Arghh, no pressure!

Anyway, against all odds I’ve survived and I am looking forward to attending the Vancouver Arts Centre this evening for a literary and acoustic event hosted by both the Poets and Performers and the Writers Room Albany communities.  This event is an absolute bargain at $5 per head for top notch entertainment from both published and unpublished authors and poets, a steaming bowl of homemade soup and a $2 second hand book sale.  What more could you ask for?

I am planning on being brave and reading part of my Christmas WIP (work in progress) to the audience this evening and my good friend Steph will be accompanying me for moral support (love that woman!).  When I say planning on being brave that actually means pretending I’m not doing anything of the sort until the very last minute, otherwise I would bottle out and end up staying home.  So basically I just lie to myself 🙂

The Writers Room Albany is a relatively new group which encourages you to perform 3 minutes of your work in front of a small audience once a month.  Anyone can take part, all ages and abilities.  It took me a while to work up the courage to read my own work but when I saw that there were people at all different stages of their writing careers it reassured me that I could share my words in a safe place and get some feedback.  I’ve met some fantastic people through this group and each meeting I have attended has been enormously entertaining, sometimes shocking, sometimes emotional but always fun.

I am not sure how long my Christmas story is going to be yet, it’s currently sitting at around 1100 words but, as always,  I have a lot left to say 🙂

It’s a story about a young boy called Freddie and his grandad Harry who go on their annual trip up the mountain to choose a Christmas Tree.  But this year they come across a small deer who is injured by the roadside and decide to stop and help.  But the snow storm soon becomes a monstrous blizzard, and when the old man is injured as well things start to look increasingly dangerous for Freddie and Harry…

I am absolutely loving writing this story and will post updates as I go along, I’d love to get your feedback if you have the time to read it, just click the link below:

Christmas Reindeer Rescue




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