Helen Wright is a writer, nurse and mother to two children and a scatter brained staffy.

Originally from the North of England she moved to Australia in 2016 and now lives in the Great Southern amongst the Karri trees next to the Ocean.

Since being a young child she has written stories and poetry, devising and creating her primary school newspaper and she also wrote their nativity show when she was just 10 years old.

More recently she has had some published success with features articles in local magazines.

Having been a student of English language and English Literature, and attending four universities for studies in health care and nursing, Helen is now a clinical nurse specialist who is rediscovering her passion for creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

She would like to invite you to join her on this journey back to her writing roots, exploring writing styles and tips along with interviews with editors, writers and creatives, some original fiction and non-fiction stories as well as news about writing competitions and opportunities.

"I am just at the beginning of my writing career and, let's face it, it can be pretty daunting! I want this website to be a resource for all writers, of all abilities, to encourage us all to share stories, tips and advice as we work to improve our craft together."
- Helen Wright @2018